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Meet Open Browser!

Watch videos, browse, play games, and much more!

The secure private TV browser. Convenient functions, simple use, ads blocking and quick access to your favorite sites.

For all smart TV devices on Android

Compatibility with all TVs and set-top boxes on the Android 9 and higher.

Your privacy is guaranteed

Just relax while you're browsing, and we'll take care of your security.

Block annoying ADS and popups

Enjoy browsing without ads and pop-ups with built-in ADblocker.

Secure browsing

Search for anything safely and be sure of the result

Safe Internet search without ads and spyware. Use incognito mode for more anonymity. Parental control will help hide unwanted websites from children.

Quick Features

Access your favorite sites and video hosting in one click

All popular sites in your quick access. Save time searching for the right site by devoting more time to your rest.

Actual information

Quickly find out what's happening in the world

Get an up-to-date digest of news from your region, world news, technology and sports. Read about the main thing in one click.

User friendly Tabs

Easily switch between tabs, intuitive interface

Easy tab control with the remote: open, refresh, return, close, bookmark, switch, open incognito, edit URL, change scale and more.

Crunchyroll Anime

New episodes of your favorite anime series

Quick access to the popular anime service with a huge database of video content.

IPTV Stream Player

The ideal client solution for the service IP-television

To view, you need to add a playlist and EPG of your provider, which will allow you to watch TV channels in the browser.

Online entertainment

Have some fun with online games, movies and series

Just relax and have fun from the heart, there is entertainment for every taste.

It's not just a browser.
This is Open Browser

It's a convenient, secure, multi-functional TV browser. Get it for Android TV on Google Play Market for free.

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